Scottish and Gaelic culture are celebrated all around Scotland in an event known as the Highland Games. These festive events are usually held in spring and summer and typically feature Scotland’s famous bagpipes, kilts, whiskey and of course their iconic sporting and athletic events.

These athletics competitions are called heavy events which usually include:

Caber Toss

Caber tossing is a traditional athletic event practised at the Highland Games in Scotland. The caber or a long log is stood upright and lifted by the competitor using both hands under the bottom end of the caber so that it is resting on their body. The competitor then builds momentum by running forward to toss the caber in such a way that it turns end over end with the upper end striking the ground first. The goal is for the competitor to turn the caber and they are judged on how closely their toss lands to 12 o’clock position.

Hammer Throw

This event features a hammer made from a round metal ball (weighing around 22 lb for men or 16 lb for women) attached to the end of a wooden pole or handle. Competitors whirl the hammer around their head and then throw it as far as they can.

Shot Put

In shot put, a large stone of variable weight is thrown by competitors as far as they can. Depending on the rules of the competition, the stone is thrown either after a short run-up to the toeboard or from a fixed standing position. The goal is to throw the stone the farthest for a competitor to win.

Weight Throw

In weight throw, competitors throw a weight for distance or height. They use a ball adhered to a chain, that is no longer than 18″ long, with a handle attached. Throwers must only use one hand and must be 9 feet behind the marker where they need to make three full turns before releasing the handle and hurling the weight forward.

The Sruighlea Festival is of one of Stirling’s annual events which has evolved from the success of the Stirling Highland Games and now offers visitors from around the world a mix of traditional Highland Games competitions, a traders village, a food festival, an on-site walking tour, activities challenges for kids plus live music in the evening. Buy your tickets now for early booking.

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