Summer is a great time to visit and tour around Scotland, you might want to plan and book a trip now as August is the best month for you to attend festivities.

To help you with just that, here are some ideas for you to make the most of your Stirling visit this August:

Explore the city

Stirling has an impressive contrast of vibrant cosmopolitan living and ancient historic sites you definitely ought to see such as:

  • Stirling Castle
  • National Wallace Monument
  • Battle of Bannockburn site
  • Church of Holy Rude
  • Smith Art Gallery

Try out local food and drinks and experience live music in Stirling

A huge part of Scottish culture is its music which you can experience in Stirling. You might want to visit local pubs who showcase live music as well as the traditional bagpipe music. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants in the city providing the best dishes Scotland has to offer, created from fresh locally sourced ingredients. You can also take a sip and try out the locally produced Scottish whisky and craft beers, too.

Attend the Sruighlea Festival

The Sruighlea Festival has evolved from the success of the Stirling Highland Games event which is Stirling’s annual cultural outdoor event. This year’s event will take place on the 18th of August 2018, Saturday. There will be a food fest of Scottish produced food & drinks, a stream of Highland Games, an evening outdoor live music and our outdoor event, On the Fringe.

From offering visitors a mix of traditional Highland Games competitions to exploring the beautiful landscape with an on-site walking tour, giving you a chance to have a taste of local food and drinks with live music, the Sruighlea Festival has something for everyone to make the most of an affordable day out in Stirling. Don’t miss this opportunity and buy your tickets now.

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