“Developing the branding and online presence of The Sruighlea Festival will no doubt boost visitor numbers to the event and will make a positive, long-lasting impact that inspires and enriches the local community in Stirling.”

Carl Watt

Head of Programmes, Arts & Business Scotland

Arts & Business Fund Scotland

The new Culture & Business Fund Scotland brings creative projects – large and small – vividly to life.

The CBFS has a clear set of aims to:

  • encourage businesses to sponsor arts and heritage activity within Scotland for the first time;
  • entice back businesses that have not sponsored the arts or heritage in Scotland within the previous two years;
  • support arts and heritage organisations to build new business sector partnerships;
  • attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor arts and heritage activities
    in Scotland

By matching their sponsorship pound for pound, the Culture & Business Fund Scotland aims to encourage many more businesses that are new to cultural sponsorship to sponsor cultural projects throughout Scotland. It also seeks to strengthen long-term collaboration by offering ongoing support for those businesses sponsoring cultural projects in their second and third years. Nettl of Stirling’s sponsorship of The Sruighlea Festival is a fantastic example of how businesses and cultural organisations can work together for mutual benefit. Companies who support the arts, such as Nettl, benefit from the opportunity to showcase their expertise with a wider audience.

Carl Watt